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Hi guys!

How are you on this beautiful Sunday? Actually I do have a bit
of a hangover after the beautiful wedding of my lovely friend yesterday. I saw
so many beautiful fashionable dressed women as well as goodlooking men on this
wedding. However the 2 most beautiful people were ofcourse the bride and the
groom, as you can see on my Instagram page! Today I am happy to introduce  another product of JönsJacob: chocolateballs!
They do taste delicous and I am very fond of them! The producing company compared
their chocolate balls with the famous Malters: 


CHOCOLATE BALLS                                MALTESERS

35 gram                                                        35

156 calories                                                 175

15 gr protein                                                2.9
gr protein

10.6 gr carbohydrates                                21.5
gr carbohydrates


As you can see the chocolateballs of JönsJacob have much more
protein. Protein give the chocolateballs 
of JönsJacob much more saturation and less carbohydrates. Less
carbohydrates will give you more energy and less calories .


Do I need to say more? For further information please go to


Enjoy your Sunday!