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Beauty Floatcenter

Beauty Floatcenter


Floating: Through maximum relaxing a quick and maximum recovery

Last Friday for the first time in my life I visited located in the Hague, the Netherlands. 

When I arrived at the floatcenter I felt a warm welcome and they explained me what floating is all about. Floating has been used to effectively treat everything from stress, to migraines, to mental disorders. I was told it can suppose benefits, both mental and physical, which means it could make a good recovery practice for athletes as well. After a tour I was invited to a separate space to take a shower and after that the floating started. The high level of salt kept me on top of the water. The temperature of the water is roughly skintemperature. I went into the tank with earplugs on, the water was lightened and on the ceiling was a starry sky. For a minute or 3 there was music but after that it was silent for one hour and I even could switch off the lights. Such a great experience I felt weighless and it became very pleasant so I fell asleep. After one hour the music started again and I took a shower again. I was so relaxed and I felt so good. After a little talk and a healthy drink I left. 

Long story short floatation makes you feel happy and I am sure it distresses you. And if that is not sufficient …. Your skin feels extremely soft.