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Lifestyle Veggie Shakes

Lifestyle Veggie Shakes


Good day! 

How many vegetables a day do you eat? 

Do you know that eating vegetables improves your overall health? They say eating enough vegetables reduces amongst others the risk of stroke, cornorary heart disease and bone loss. On top of that most of the vegetables help maintain healthy blood pressure. So maybe one tiny little change in your day can get you on a healthier path. 

I know so many people who don’t like vegetables so I told them to make a shake of all various vegetables possible maybe or maybe not in combination with fruits. The funny thing is there are trillion of combinations possible, fresh, spicy, sweet, sour etc . 

These homemade shakes are a delicious way to add green vegetables to your menu AND in case you would like to get bikini proof an easy way to lose weight if you replace one meal for a shake. 

Have lots of fun and mix and match!


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